• Why should animators keep an eye on CTV?
    How can animators increase their business with CTV in 2021? The world changes began a digital revolution, making CTV displace the linear TV experience. The experts predict a great year for CTV and we will tell you why. WHAT IS CTV? The abbreviation CTV stands for Connected TV. It is one of the most comfortable […]
  • Top 10 Adult Animated series to watch in 2021
    What are the best animated series for adults?ย  Adult animated series have always been popular among Generation X, Xenials and Millennials. Adult animation has been a while and simply got an authoritative place on the list.ย  Despite there are a lot of long loved by us series, the industry grows every year and streaming services […]
  • Animated Short And Visual Effects Oscar nominated.
    The Ninth of February the Academy Awards announced the shortlists. For the Animation Short Film there were 96 applicants but just 10 films were nominated. ๐Ÿ† The nomination includes films from such streaming services as Netflix, Disney + and Peacock. The six of the 10 nominated animation films are from the US. From France there […]