Why should animators keep an eye on CTV?

How can animators increase their business with CTV in 2021?

The world changes began a digital revolution, making CTV displace the linear TV experience. The experts predict a great year for CTV and we will tell you why.


The abbreviation CTV stands for Connected TV. It is one of the most comfortable ways to watch your favorite video content nowadays. CTV is available across multiple types of screens.

CTV device is any television set utilized to stream video over the internet

Different type of Devices:

Connected Devices: Amazon Fire Stick,  Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

Smart TV:  a TV with an internet connection and media platform.  No additional equipment is needed.

Gaming Consoles: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation.


2020 was a successful year for Streaming TV, for advertisers, it became an opportunity to reach consumers that they could not reach before

Fewer and fewer people watch linear TV and it means, the advertisers will switch from traditional television in favor of platforms with a large and diverse audience. CTV on the other hand keeps growing and attracts new users

CTV Predictions for 2021 

With CTV growth expected to continue, the opportunities these channels have to offer are yet to be fully recognized by advertisers. As the year progresses, it would be expected to see marketers invest more in video advertising as a way to engage consumers. 

With the notable growth of CTV viewers, advertisers keep increasing the budgets for video ads. According to eMarketer, CTV ad spent will witness its largest growth in years, jumping 40.1% to USD 11.36 bn (£8.24bn) in the US.

Certainly, something animators and content creators will need to keep in mind this year if they want to diversify their revenue streams.

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